Friday, November 27, 2009

Going Solo

These are my events I was telling everyone that I helped organize for a client. Hope you would liked it. I had events for...

fabulous babes and hunk models...

to regional food and condiments...

and the inseparable famous DJ's.

My Past Events

It was nice to reminisce. In this case, I love looking back at events I along with my former business partners. These events helped and shaped of who I am today and made me wiser in putting up events. Some of these were events that I put up on my own and that I can be truly proud of. And I share with you some of them...

and thank you for the memories...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Interesting People

What I enjoy in putting up and attending events is meeting interesting people from all walks of life in side of glitzy Manila. Here are some of the pics and people.

I met and renewed my acquaintances from some of these interesting people at the recent events for the Philippine Fashion Week. Cheers!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Premier C at PFW ss 2010

At the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week - Spring Summer 2010Premier C Collection was one of the most attended event at the MOA.

The most applauded part of the show was when plus sized women entered the ramp in their glorious outfits especially for them.

Freego at PFW SS 2010

Here are some of the interesting highlights of the Freego event at the Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010 I have attended a few weeks ago at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

They have gone a long way after my former company helped launch of FG way back at the Robinson's Galleria. To the very creative people of Freego... congratulations!

I'm back and reinvented

I'm am back!

And I will reinvent my blog site and will now call it - "The Events-hopper" just like a grasshopper that will hop and go wherever my legs will bring me. May it be the simplest to the best and the most fabulous or the "in" happening event or place this side of cosmopolitan Manila. See you!

Monday, April 7, 2008

DJs turned Recording Stars

Dear friends,

I got to visit Philippine Radio's most dynamic DJ's this morning - Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper better known as the Tambalang Balahura at Balasubas of Love Radio 90.7 FM. They got into recording with their Hey! Tambalan na! D Nakakalurkei na Album released by Ivory Music. This popular due is loved by people from all walks of life from the bus, jeepney, FX and taxi drivers to office workers in private and government offices, the sales persons of tiangge and classy people who listen to FM radio relate to these guys.

They touch on any topic sent by listeners thru text messages and they gladly give advice in a funny way that people does'nt seem to mind. One morning I heard one listener and I quote "You guys are the reason why I'm still sane", these guys literally rock morning radio.

I had my CD autographed and had pictures taken with them. Go get a copy of their CD and laugh 'till you drop!

I invited the duo to do an album tour at Tutuban Primeblock for my client and they were so happy that they obliged with the support of Ivory Records. Please view the links and enjoy.

My special thanks goes to Scorpio9man for the clip. This event is very special to me and will be forever in my heart. Thank you Nicole and Chris!